About Rohde Navel

PBR 1225

Mid to Late Navel

A number of years ago, Chislett Developments purchased the world rights to the Rohde Summer Navel. While not widely promoted in Australia by the previous owner, the Rohde is a mid/late season navel orange maturing later than Washington and at about the same time as Lane Late, but is a significant improvement on the Lane Late.

Outstanding Characteristics:

  • Genuine mid to late season holding capacity on the tree – ideal for the last part of any export navel program
  • Large, round and attractive well coloured fruit, with good peeling qualities
  • High yields of exceptionally large fruit have been proven in growing trials by the South Australian Research and Development Institute, (SARDI), and through commercial growing experience


  • South Australian Research and Development Institute trials of late hanging navels showed Rohde to have 92% of fruit in the preferred 88 to 48 count range
  • Over the two-year trial 81% of fruit was packed with less than 19% going to juice
  • In four years of trials, Rohde had the largest average fruit size at 87.3mm and the lowest average size count at 56
  • During the same five-year trial Rohde had the highest average yield per Ha at 39.7 tonne
  • Granulation trials of late navels held in Waikerie showed November granulation at 3.1% for Rohde compared with 0.4% for Chislett and 6.4% for Lane Late


A pack-house perspective on the Rohde Summer Navel:

“Mildura Fruit Company (MFC) is the largest packer and marketer of fresh citrus in Australia, currently packing in excess of 2 million cartons per season. A large percentage of this volume is late navel varieties. One variety of particular note is the Rohde Navel. Some of MFCs largest grower suppliers have abundant plantings of Rohde Navel therefore MFC have considerable experience in the growing, packing and marketing of this variety. The Rohde Navel has consistent yield of above average size and quality. The fruit is very robust and provides MFC with excellent shelf life for our export markets. MFC suppliers with Rohde plantings state that returns per hectare outperform most other late navel varieties. MFC recommends the Rohde Navel very highly to suppliers.”

Bill Robinson – Grower Services Manager, Mildura Fruit

“I would like to compliment you on your purchase of the rights to the Rohde Summer Navel. Here at Sunmar Orchards we find the Rohde to be a great asset as it is high yielding with big fruit of excellent quality. This season we have achieved yields of 60 tons per hectare with a packout in excess of 85%. Looking forward to more big crops.”

Chris Wilcox – Manager Sunmar Orchards