About Chislett Summer Navel

High Quality, Late Maturing

The Chislett Summer Navel is a genuine late maturing and late hanging navel having excellent eating quality, firm strong rind and negligible granulation. (Granulation trials of late navels undertaken at Waikerie showed November granulation at 0.4% for Chislett compared with 3.1% for Rohde and 6.4% for Lane Late).

Other outstanding characteristics are:

  • High vigour giving higher yields at an early tree age and better cropping recovery after late harvest and less alternate bearing
  • Smooth skin texture
  • Cropping inside the tree reducing rind blemish
  • Low incidence of albedo breakdown. Susceptibility approximately 50% of Lane Late

Maturity Comparison Chart: Sunraysia

PBR 2005/185

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