Established in 1997, Chislett Farms operates a large wholesale container nursery, specialising in growing Citrus, Pistachio, Avocado and Poplar windbreak trees.

Our NIASA accreditation mandates the use of quarantine and hygiene protocols to exclude diseases and viruses from nursery trees, ensuring rapid orchard establishment.

All propagating material originates from virus indexed sources

All trees grown in 100% coir (coconut fibre), = excellent water holding capacity

Accredited to send trees to all states except Tasmania

The latest nursery technology has been implemented to provide the highest quality product in the shortest lead time.  For example:

Mechanised Rootstock seeding

Citrus & Pistachio rootstock seedlings are mechanically sown into Ellepots, which eliminate root benching or “j-roots”

The paper surrounding the rootball is biodegradeable

This system allows for easy rootstock grading and better uniformity

Climate Control

Greenhouse temperatures are kept optimal using evaporative cooling in the warmer months and by a biomass heating system when the weather’s cooler

This results in faster growth, shorter lead times and a more advanced product at the point of supply

Improved Container Design