About M7 Navel

PBR 2005/185

High quality, very early maturing

Selected by Australian citrus grower Greg Chislett, the development of the M7 started in 2004 when Greg noticed a limb mutation on a Spanish Navelina tree on Chislett Farms, Kenley, Victoria. The colour of the fruit on the limb was more advanced than that on the remainder of the tree and the fruit tasted much sweeter. Many years of consistent data has proven the variety matures some three weeks earlier than Navelina, the shape is round and the high strength of the rind has ensured that since its discovery, almost no albedo breakdown has been noticed. The variety has proven to be not only much earlier but superior to other early navels due to its excellent colour, shape, eating quality and robust skin. M7 is now grown in most citrus growing countries.

NSW Department of Primary Industry research horticulturist Graeme Sanderson (now retired) said the variety was one of the best naturally occurring mutations he had seen in 20 years of citrus breeding.

What stands out in the three years of data we have, is the high sugar content, sweet taste and the fruit is round” he said. (Weekly Times May 1, 2009)

The variety has the ability to be harvested over an extended period (up to three months) and eats better at any stage due to the brix and acid levels being higher which not only increases the flavour of the fruit but also the shelf life.


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