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How to Plant Potted Trees

How to plant a potted tree for overhead/under tree irrigated plantings

Best planting times are Spring and Autumn

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  1. Prepare ground by ripping and cultivating prior to the anticipated arrival of the plants.
  2. Base fertilisers should be well incorporated into the soil several weeks before planned planting date.
  3. Commence planting as soon as possible after delivery of the plants.
  4. If planting is to be delayed for any reason ensure plants are stored in the shade and receive regular watering. (Preferably contact us and we will be happy to delay delivery of trees as it is easier for us to look after them in the nursery).
  5. Dig hole 150mm larger in diameter than the container and approximately 400mm deep, and fill with water or jet the hole with a jetting lance to similar dimensions.
  6. At planting time cut off top of tree approximately 60cm above potting mix and remove any side branches or shoots without removing main leaves on trunk, to produce a uniform head on trees.
  7. Install tree guards (this step may be completed after step 10, or ask Chislett Nurseries to install their guards prior to dispatch).
  8. Remove root system from bag and trim any curled or bent roots.
  9. Remove conventional potting mix from the roots. This is advisable as if potting mix is left on roots, and the potting mix dries out, it is extremely difficult to wet the mix unless flooding in basin around the tree is used.
  10. Place root system in hole and fill with soil removing all contained air and ensuring all roots are below surface level.
  11. DO NOT apply solid fertilisers at planting. Under no circumstances should fertiliser be placed in the planting hole, to do so will almost certainly cause burning to the tender feeder roots and inhibit growth of new roots causing severe setback in the plant and most likely loss of the plant.
  12. Irrigate frequently and monitor moisture content of root zone.


  • The advice in this form is given in good faith as a guide only.
  • We recommend that independent professional advice, specific to your development and orchard site, be obtained from a qualified horticultural consultant.
  • We are proud of the trees we produce and use only material from registered sources that have been tested for known viruses.
  • All trees supplied by Chislett Nurseries have been grown wholly indoors on raised benches using sterilised potting medium and water and have had no contact with soil.
  • Trees have been hardened off and are in a condition ready for immediate planting.
  • Prior to planting trees should be kept in a shady position out of direct sun and, should planting be delayed beyond 24 hours, they should be watered regularly.
  • Any concerns with regard to the state of trees upon delivery should be immediately reported.
  • As handling &/or treatment of trees after despatch is beyond our control liability is limited only to replacement of trees that may be proven to be off variety.


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