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What’s unique about M7?

The M7, the World’s earliest maturing navel orange, is highly sort after by growers, packers and marketers worldwide due to its amazing characteristics. It is not only distinctive and therefore easy to protect, it is attractive in its round shape and wonderful colour, has the most desirable eating qualities and provides the grower with early high returns (good for cash flow), the packer with an orange that out turns well due to its durable rind, and the marketer with a product guaranteeing them repeat customers.

For a full report on the M7, download the M7 presentation:

From a Grower’s perspective:

  • High yielding
  • Exploitation of higher early prices
  • Solution to poor reputation of existing early navel varieties
  • Higher pack outs due to a round shape and no albedo breakdown (creasing)
  • Less susceptible to harvest damage due to robust fruit
  • Long shelf life and shipping ability due a very strong rind and good juice acid
  • High demand from markets due to exceptional eating quality
  • Early harvest before frost risk
  • Staged, controlled total plantings
  • High yield on young trees

From a Consumer’s perspective

  • Exceptional eating quality with high sugar, balanced acid and intense flavour
  • Attractive fresh alternative to old imported fruit
  • Extended season of availability
  • Long shelf life

From a Marketer’s perspective:

  • An early locally produced navel that ticks all the right boxes
  • Repeat customers


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