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Technical Information

The M7 limb mutation was first noticed on May 2nd 2004 when the Navelina fruit was light green in colour and the M7 had full colour. Although late in the season, Greg took the risk and budded up some 20 trees in the nursery in order to fast track the evaluation of the variety.

Budwood material was subsequently sent to Auscitrus for virus indexing and was found to be free of any viruses in March 2006.

A scientific topworked trial for PBR application was established on the farm in Spring 2005 with provisional protection being granted in 2006.

The nursery trees (19 thrived) were subsequently planted in the block.

Testing of brix, acid and % juice commenced using fruit from the Mother tree in 2004 and continued through to 2011 long after PBR had been granted, to ensure the variety was stable and to give growers confidence that the early test results were not related to seasonal conditions. Test results were always compared to the Navelina fruit on the remainder of the mother tree, so as to give an accurate picture of how the M7 compared with Navelina.

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