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Staged Plantings

New planting of M7 trees at Kenley

New planting of M7 trees at Kenley

Stage 1 of M7 commercial plantings in Australia has been set at 500 hectares. As at the end of 2012 total plantings will be 250 hectares – half way in only 4 years since commercial release!

Considering the variety was released towards the end of the most severe drought in the country, with citrus growers being faced with low water allocations and exorbitant prices for temporary water purchases, followed by historically the lowest ever returns per hectare for their fruit, due to the high value of the Australian Dollar reducing the viability of export markets, selling half the allocated hectares in such a difficult financial climate in only four years speaks very highly of the varieties attributes. Growers want a variety that is wanted by the consumer to guarantee repeat purchases and the M7 fits that mould.

Stage 2 will only be considered once the market has determined that the demand outweighs supply to such an extent that an increase in supply will not adversely affect the return to the grower. The decision will be made with the interests of all stakeholders, the grower, the marketer and the consumer. Ultimately, the grower’s needs must come first as without the grower’s remaining profitable in the industry, the consumers will not get to experience the best early eating navel.


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