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Plant Breeder’s Rights

Plant Breeder’s Rights are laws that have been introduced by most countries to protect Breeders of new varieties of plants from unauthorised propagation. The M7, with its magnificent taste, fruit and leaf shape, early maturity, even colouring and strong rind is the perfect variety for growers and marketers wanting ownership in a variety that has been so easy to gain Plant Breeders Rights for as there is no other comparable navel orange so early in the season. The M7 variety is so distinct in the orchard and in the market place that any grower anticipating illegal propagation will be easily noticed. All growers of the variety must identify the areas of M7 planted, number of trees, GPS coordinates of plantings to enable auditing of properties to take place.

The current status of the intellectual rights for the M7 is:

  • Australia- PBR 2005/185 Granted
  • United States of America- US Plant Patent US PP 18,774P2 Granted
  • Europe- EUPBR 20074757 Application
  • South Africa- PBR PT 3047 Application
  • New Zealand- PBR CIT010 Application

In addition, applications in other countries are currently in the rolled out process, either in quarantine, undergoing rapid multiplication of budwood in the nursery and/or undergoing trials to ensure the variety performs equally in different global locations.

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