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Global Registration & Rollout

The M7, the world’s earliest navel, is being developed in most citrus growing countries by a number of licensed companies. This is a complex operation as the variety goes through quarantine procedures in each country. We will keep all readers posted as the variety is released out of quarantine and enters the trial stage in all citrus growing regions. As the M7 was certified virus free in Australia, by Auscitrus, we are anticipating that the time period between the M7 entering quarantine and being released for nursery multiplication in each region, will be kept to a minimum ensuring a smooth and pain free global rollout.

For all growers interested in growing the variety and marketers wanting to sell to their customers a navel orange that will guarantee them repeat customers, read below to see how you can access information.


The variety owner, Chislett Developments Pty Ltd, has retained the rights in Australia. They are currently offering M7 trees, produced in their container nursery, and top working material to Growers. Golden Grove Nursery at Torbanlea, Queensland, is licensed to produce trees for Queensland growers.


GCM Variedades Vegetales A.I.E., a large grower, packer, marketer, and variety manager, is the M7 Master Licensee for this large citrus fruit exporting country who also has the marketing rights for the European Union countries for fruit grown in Spain.

New Zealand

Market Gardeners Limited, Christchurch, is the M7 New Zealand Marketer for that country.

South Africa

The first M7 Navel fruit were observed at the Citrus Foundation Block April 2012. Joan Chavarria and Wayne Parr, two Australian based horticulturalists that have prior experience with variety were able to confirm that the fruit was true-to-type. The first semi-commercial tree plantings of the M7 Navel took place in South Africa in November 2011.

The Rest of the World

Planting first M7 tree in South Africa November 2011 – Schoeman Boerdery, Groblersdal

Biogold International Pty Ltd of Stallenbosh, Republic of South Africa, is the M7 Global Marketer that has created a network of subsidiary companies in all the citrus growing regions of the world. This company is licensed to commercialise the M7 in all countries except those mentioned above.

This is a complex and extensive role for which Biogold is well qualified, having developed high credentials over many years as a variety manager. The Biogold subsidiaries currently developing M7 regions are:-

  • Citrogold – Southern Africa
  • Biogold USA – United States of America
  • Biogold South America – South American countries


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