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Earliest Navel

M7 Very Early Navel (PBR 2005/185)

Colour comparison Navelina (left) M7 (right) April 5, 2011

The M7 is believed to be the world’s earliest maturing navel orange variety. It is not only significantly earlier than Navelina and Fukumoto, but has superior eating qualities and rind strength. The M7, a mutation of Navelina (clone 7.5) was discovered by the owner, Greg Chislett, at his property at Kenley, Victoria, Australia in 2004.

The fruit is round, colours evenly four weeks ahead of Navelina, has never shown any signs of albedo breakdown due to the strength of the albedo layer, holds on the tree late and still eats well in August (February NH). The variety has high vigor providing early returns, is compatible with all rootstocks, and on average has been harvested three weeks earlier than Navelina. It is also highly protectable due to its distinct navel end markings, leaf shape and foliage and because it will be the first navels in the market.

These desirable characteristics are seeing the variety in high demand, not only from consumers, but also from citrus growers, marketers and retailers around the world. Click here to read feedback about the M7 from people in the industry.

The M7 Presentation

The M7 presentation provides a complete description of the variety and a photo gallery for the past two years.

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Maturity Comparison Chart

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