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Industry Feedback on M7

The following feedback has been posted with permission from the publishers.

Email from Peter Lange (MG Marketing, NZ) to Ferdi Bergamin (Mildura Fruit Company, AU)


Dear Ferdi,

I was able to site the first arrivals of M7 this afternoon. I was very pleases with the fruit overall. As you are aware this is composite grade packed about 3 weeks ago. It was by far and away the best early orange we have ever received from Australia. The eating quality is exceptionally good for an early orange. The fruit we has was brixing between 12 and 13 and had an acid ratio I would guess around 10 to 1. We ate it alongside a fresh shipment of Californian late lane and thought it stood up quite well. Obviously it had a bit more acid but also plenty of flavour and it made the lane seem a bit flat. Certainly it will compare favourably with the Navelina and I think that variety will eventually be a thing of the past. It will be very challenging to go from a Late Lane, to an M7, to a Navelina then a Leng? Retailers will want to skip the Navelina completely I believe.

The colour in our shipment varied over boxes, although MFC certainly did a good job of packing a consistent colour in the carton. That will make it far easier to market. I thought the cartons marked ‘tree colour’ looked very good and consistent. In the other cartons there looked to be at least two lots. One had taken the gas quite well and only had a very faint blotchiness to it. The other lot of fruit had more of a nuclear orange colour to it on a pale background. It did not look as attractive as the tree colour fruit even though on average the colour was a darker orange. That bright nuclear orange is actually difficult to market as it looks too artificial and will put some consumers off.

The grade was pretty good for a composite piece of fruit, shape excellent and the fruit was very firm across all lots. It travelled very well. Pre-packs looked good also and they will be well received.

Good start to the season.

Regards, Peter.

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