Chislett Developments

Environmental Practices in the Orchard and Nursery

Accepting that we are but temporary stewards of our land, we go to great lengths to protect the soil and the natural and production environment.


Water is a precious resource and is always used for irrigation in the most efficient way. This is achieved using a wireless Enviroscan soil moisture monitoring system in conjunction with a radio controlled and automated drip irrigation system. These systems afford a high level of control ensuring excess drainage water is not generated which can damage soil, wet lands and streams.


Our highest requirement for energy is for electric power, used principally for pumping irrigation water from the Murray River and delivering it to the trees in the orchard. To do this in the most efficient way, we use variable frequency drives on pump motors to precisely match power supply to demand to reduce energy consumption.

Flora and Fauna:

The spectacular and rare reagent parrot frequents the Kenley area and is often seen on our property along with a myriad of other native bird and animal species. We have a policy of operating our business in harmony with this very attractive natural setting.

To protect the natural flora and fauna on the property, chemical use is always undertaken in a responsible way and is kept to an absolute minimum. A program of integrated pest management is followed to protect native and beneficial insects. This includes the release of millions of aphytis wasps annually for the control of the red scale pest on citrus.

Remnant Vegetation:

Remnant vegetation on the property, which includes areas of valuable grassland and the rare Bosia Walkeri, is protected from farm operations. A program of tree planting to enhance existing green corridors through the property is underway.


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