Chislett Developments


Available September to January, our avocados are hand harvested into plastic bulk bins, graded and packed on-farm into our well recognised ‘yellow’ trays, destined for the Sydney Wholesale Market. Our avocados are handled with care so that fruit is not bruised or stored. They arrive in the market in peak condition, ripen perfectly and are so easy to eat – no cooking required – just peel, slice and eat – maybe add a little salt and pepper – so simple!

The ‘Chislett Avocados’ brand has gained a very high reputation in the Sydney Wholesale Market due to our compliance to consistently high standards in harvesting, packing and marketing of the fruit. Our fruit arrives in peak condition in the market supplying the customer with a guaranteed quality product.

Look for the Chislett Avocado sticker and you will have bought an avocado that will have you running back to the shop for more.

The Hass variety accounts for 95% of our production with small plantings of Gwen, Reed and Bacon making up the remainder of the variety mix.

Chislett Avocados ready for dispatch

Chislett Acovados being sold by Sinclair and Antico,
Sydney Wholesale Market

Avocados prior to harvest

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