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At Chislett Nurseries we have a policy of growing to order. Consequently commercial growers are encouraged to place orders at least one year, and preferably two years, prior to planned planting in their orchard.

All citrus rootstock seed is sources from Auscitrus as is all citrus scion budwood other than our own varieties. All orders for budwood from Auscitrus must be placed three months prior to budding seasons making it imperative for growers to plan ahead in order to be guaranteed the availability of virus indexed budwood.

However, we usually have some surplus trees available and growers should enquire regarding availability. Surplus trees to orders will be advertised under Trees Available.

Order NOW to avoid disappointment

Placing Orders

Growers are reminded to place their orders early to avoid disappointment.

We will endeavour to fill all orders on time, however, weather conditions and availability of budwood can sometimes delay growth and hence delivery. We as nurserymen take every care to ensure that only the best quality trees are despatched and sometimes, this means delaying despatch in order to give the trees some extra growing time in the nursery environment.

To confirm orders, growers are required to submit an order form and pay a deposit, and all necessary documentation such as Agreements for PBR varieties must be signed and completed in full prior to trees being despatched.

For more information or to place an order please contact us

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