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Tree Specifications

Trees ready for despatch

Trees ready for despatch

Budded rootstock

Budded rootstock

Close up of growing tree

Close up of growing lemon

  • Volume of container = 4L
  • Tree age = minimum of 2 years old from seed germination
  • Budding height = no less than 200mm from the potting media
  • Tree height = minimum of 800mm


We grow a wide selection of citrus rootstocks to cater for a variety of soil types and scion compatibility.  
Primarily we propagate, Carrizo Citrange, P. Trifoliata, C35, Benton Citrange, Flying Dragon, Volkameriana and Rough Lemon.  
All our Australian citrus seed is sourced from Auscitrus to ensure that only certified seed is used to propagate virus free nursery trees.

C22 rootstock seed is sourced from Lyn’s Citrus Seed in California and  treated prior to arrival according to Australian Quarantine requirements.

Our rootstock chart and specification sheets below gives a comprehensive guide to soil types, climate conditions and fruit characteristics for each variety.

Varieties Propagated

PBR Varieties

Chislett Farms owns the M7 early navelChislett Summer Navel and Rohde Summer Navel.  
These varieties are protected under Plant Breeders’ Rights (PBR) in Australia and some other countries.

Our nursery also has the rights to propagate varieties owned by other breeders/variety managers such as Variety Access and New Leaf. 
Grower licenses and payment of tree royalties for these varieties must be arranged with the breeder/variety manager prior to despatch from our nursery.

We are currently taking orders for:

For information, agreements and conditions, contact the managing company, Variety Access or New Leaf.

Enquiries are invited regarding protected varieties available.

Public Varieties

A comprehensive range of public citrus varieties are grown to order on a range of rootstocks.
All propagating material of the varieties below is sourced from Auscitrus.

Inquiries for information on availability are welcome.

Please check out our current tree availability.

Blood Orange – Arnold, Maltese
Clementine – Caffin, Nules
Common Orange – Hamlin, Parson Brown, Pineapple,  Salustiana
Grapefruit – Flame, Marsh, Ray Ruby, Rio Red, Star Ruby
Limes – Kaffir, Tahiti
Lemons/Pummelo – Eureka, Fino, Lisbon, Lisbon, Meyer, Nam Roi, Verna
Navels – Atwood, Benyenda, Cara Cara, Fisher, Lane Late, Leng, Hockney, Navelina, Newhall, Ryan, Washington
Mandarins – Avana, Amigo, Daisy, Ellendale, Emperor, Fremont, Hickson, Imperial, Kara, Murcott, Topaz, W.Murcott Afourer
Satsuma – Miho, Okitsu, Silverhill
Tangelo – Minneola, Seminole
Valencias – Benyenda, Berri, Delta Seedless, Keenan, McMahon Seedless, Midnight
Other – Calamondin, Calamondin Variegated, Cumquat Meiwa (Round), Cumquat Nagami (Oval), Fingered Citron (Buddha’s Hand), Lemonade, 

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