Chislett Developments

In the Nursery

Limited trees are in stock for planting this season, however, contact the office as not all trees are listed on the what’s available section as tree availability can change daily.  

Now Taking Orders!

We suggest that all orders should be placed as soon as possible to avoid disappointment as forward planning ensures budwood orders are placed in good time with Auscitrus, and growers are first in the queue to have their stock budded.  

Not sure what to plant?  Greg, Susan, Jonathan and Brenton are citrus, avocado and pistachio nurserymen and growers, who have first hand unbiased knowledge on how varieties perform both locally and overseas, and will not advise the sale of a variety that they believe does not have the right market potential.

Call the office or come and see us, inspect the nursery, have a chat and a coffee and sample some wine.


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