Chislett Developments

Environmental Practices in the Nursery

The nursery uses best practice irrigation systems with all irrigation drainage water being recycled through the farm citrus main.  No drainage water is reused in the Nursery.

All growing tables in the polyhouses and all outdoor growing areas have drainage systems in place so that excess water from both irrigation and rainfall is not wasted. All drainage water is returned to a dam on the farm where it is injected into the citrus main and reused.

Our pest controls policy for the nursery is based on using largely non-chemical methods, and if necessary , only using those that are the safest to beneficial insects and personnel.

Nursery staff are trained to identify and monitor pests to prevent and manage a major outbreak that would then require chemical control.

The protection of personnel and the environment is of the highest priority. Our staff are highly trained in the use of chemicals, safety equipment and nursery best practice. All our staff are trained to Certificate III in Wholesale Nursery with all supervisors trained to Diploma level. A high importance is placed on training to ensure that best nursery practices are carried out at all times to minimise the risk of damage to the environment, the trees and to the nursery staff.


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