Chislett Farms

3rd generation Family farm and wholesale production nursery

Various Citrus Varieties

TheM7Chislett Summer Navel and Rohde Navel are all superior navel cultivars owned by Chislett Developments Pty Ltd. While the M7 and Chislett were bred by Greg Chislett, the rights to the Rohde were purchased, as the variety was seen to have outstanding characteristics that had gone unnoticed.

Regent Wines

Our company has established our own wine label, “Regent Wines”, named after the spectacular and endangered Regent Parrot which frequents our property.

The selected grapes are hand harvested, fermented and bottled at a boutique winery near Romsey in Victoria.

in the NURSERY

Limited trees are in stock for planting this season, however, contact the office as not all trees are listed on the what’s available section as tree availability can change daily.

Our Citrus Varieties


The earliest and most talked about citrus navel variety world wide.

Chislett Summer Navel

The Chislett Summer Navel is a genuine late hanging navel having excellent eating quality, firm strong rind and negligible granulation.

Rohde Summer Navel

A number of years ago, Chislett Developments purchased the world rights to the Rohde Summer Navel.

Our Mission

To provide Victoria, Australia and International markets with superior quality citrus, avocado, pistachios and plants. 

Chislett Farm now also features a CELLAR DOOR

Local grapes are sourced by our expert wine makers to create some of Australia’s finest wines.


As the world’s leading standard for safe, sustainable agriculture, GLOBALG.A.P. is an affordable, holistic approach to producing safe and sustainable fresh agriculture. GLOBALG.A.P. certification opens valuable expansion opportunities to large and small producers alike, and helps satisfy the advanced food safety and sustainability specifications of retailers and major buyers in the worldwide marketplace.


Nursery Industry Accreditation Scheme, Australia (NIASA) is the national nursery industry Best Management Practice (BMP) program for production nurseries, growing media manufacturers and greenlife markets and underpins the Australian Plant Production Standard (APPS) – a holistic system designed to ensure a sustainable future for the Australian nursery industry.

In the Orchard

The 2012 season has seen more highs than lows as the season started with the M7 fruit being sold at Marks and Spencers in the UK, followed by a return to the good old days of high returns for Imperial Mandarins.

Windbreak Trees

Lombardi poplars grafted onto non-suckering rootstock are ideal for orchard windbreaks.

Tree Guards

Our poly tree guards, manufactured in Australia to our specifications, are white on the outside to reflect the sun and black on the inside.

Citrus Plantings

Fruit from the orchard is hand harvested into plastic bulk bins and transported to Mildura Fruit Company.


Available September to January, our avocados are hand harvested into plastic bulk bins, graded and packed.

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