Chislett Developments


Training is vital to the success of Chislett Farms.   The Directors have always believed that training ensures a commitment to quality practices in both the farm and the nursery.  Permanent workers are encouraged to undertake Certificate III in Wholesale Nursery or Production Horticulture in order to give them a sound background in vital areas of our operation such as Occupational Health and Safety, Chemical Use, Environmental Practices, Irrigation Management and Plant Propagation, to name a few.  Training not only builds self confidence, but minimises injuries and mistakes.

Jonathan runs in house training for Nursery workers to ensure they are up to date with our latest nursery practices and our procedures, giving these workers the ability to supervise casual workers in the peak season.  Small group training sessions in the Nursery allows all participants to fully understand the correct processes, builds teamwork and gives our workers a sense of pride and involvement in the workplace.  

Training is always ongoing, as all of us at Chislett Farms are continually learning through interaction with other growers in Australia, or overseas, through Citrus Forums, International Congresses and overseas visitors coming to Chislett Farms.  There is always something new to learn and it is through our small group training sessions that we pass this knowledge onto our workers.

Our pickers also undergo training to safeguard against injuries and also to ensure that our citrus returns are not reduced due to poor harvest techniques.  A video showing them how to use picking ladders, how to pluck oranges and clip mandarins is the first stage of their training, with the second stage being undertaken in the field with our Harvest Co-ordinator.  At the end of the day, poor harvest techniques results in poor returns, no matter how good the fruit looks on the tree.  So a little time invested in training goes a long way to ensuring we maximise our returns.

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